We Educating, Encouraging, Empowering all the family through nature and growing organically.


Friendly Organics is a coming together of father and son. Dave Friend (the father) and Paul Friend (the son).

Dave initially started Friendly Organics to teach the people of Vancouver Island the sustainable benefits of growing their own organic food.

Paul has a company in England (Friendly Consultancy) which provides marketing support to small and medium size businesses to help them be sustainable long term. After visiting the wonderful island that is Vancouver Island, Paul decided he wanted to spend more time with his Dad and offer his unique style of business support to the enterprises of Vancouver Island.


As Dave heads towards retirement, Friendly Organics will continue to empower people to grow their own food. However the focus will be on empowering sustainability for business owners, through organic growth.


Paul has an extensive background in Business Management and Marketing, having attended University on numerous occasions to ensure his knowledge is always current. Back in England Paul lectured at several Colleges and Universities, through this experience he identified that a great way to support local business owners would be to educate them as he supported them, as they gained knowledge they would need less support and be able to sustain their own businesses.


Friendly Organics has an ethos of help and support and although we make a profit, what drives us is the passion to educate and encourage people be sustainable in business and in life. Friendly Organics has been structured to ensure you achieve the most cost effective marketing solutions for your business needs. We make use of technology and people around the world to minimise costs to ourselves and therefor our clients.

A collaboration between Friendly Organics and Friendly Consultancy

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