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About Friendly Organics

Friendly Organics started with Father Dave Friend, creating programs to educate people on how to sustainably grow organic produce. Paul Friend, the Son, is a business growth and marketing specialist, providing coaching and consultancy for businesses through his cooperative team of business and marketing experts. It was clear that they had the same core business values of sustainable organic growth and have amalgamated their two business, Friendly Consultancy and Friendly Organics under one company umbrella, facilitating the very best advice, support and guidance for clients.

Now that Dave has retired the focus of Friendly Organics is to provide transparent sustainable business growth and marketing support for businesses of Vancouver Island and British Columbia. How is Friendly Organics different from the other business growth specialists? Paul is a fully qualified teacher and lecturer of Business, in addition, he has worked for Global companies such as Hilton and Virgin, he utilizes his skills and knowledge to provide timely knowledgeable cost-effective solutions.

When it comes to business management consultancy, Friendly Organics adopts the cooperative principles, saving clients time and money with their business growth strategies.

A little more history on Friendly Organics. Dave initially started Friendly Organics to teach the school children of Vancouver Island the sustainable benefits of growing their own organic food, this was then expanded to other community enterprises and businesses that wanted to utilise the spaces they had to grow organic produce.

Paul, has a diverse background, having worked for both the public and private sector, giving him a unique insight into the world of business. He decided that he wanted to support both the current generation of business owners and the next generation, therefore returned to University for the fifth time and gained his teaching qualification, to add to his Masters in Marketing, his degree in Business & Education, and his diplomas in Business Finance, and Leisure Management. Paul still has a company in England (Friendly Consultancy) that provides business and marketing support to small and medium-sized businesses to help them be sustainable long term.

After visiting wonderful Vancouver Island, Paul decided he wanted to spend more time with his Dad and offer his unique style of business support to the enterprises of Vancouver Island.

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Hence a new business venture emerged by blending the two existing businesses into one. The aim to guide, support and encourage clients to embrace every opportunity to grow, not only their business but themselves.

Our aim to support, mentor or coach, you the client, to grow your business by offering marketing solutions to ensure long term sustainability