What do you desire?

School programs

We develop

school programs that we deliver to students from pre-school to University. 

We have found that the program really empowers the children to take ownership and the transformation is truly amazing

Summer camps

We combine

the traditional fun and games of a summer camp and embed the benefits of hands on learning on how to grow health friendly organic food at home. 

Our camps are suitable for children from the age of four through to twelve.


We create

bespoke food sustainability workshops for: individuals, groups, social enterprises and businesses. 

We partner with garden centres who use our workshops to enhance their customers experience. 

Additionally social enterprises use us to educate the local community

organic consultancy

We support

local growers, farmers and enterprises who want to grow health friendly organic food. We provide support and hands on guidance on the most effective methods.

Additionally we provide further advice on business development and marketing activities.  

A collaboration between Friendly Organics and Friendly Consultancy

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