Email Marketing how to make it sustainable

What Makes an Effective Email Marketing Campaign?

Despite all the hype still associated with Social Media, email marketing when done correctly will drive sales. However, get your email marketing wrong and all that hard work to increase your database will be wasted.

For any email marketing campaign to be effective it needs to written and targeted for a specific segment of your audience and add value. Very few emails will cover the needs of all your audience. Consider the journey of your audience where do they start when receiving an email from you?

You want your email to stand out and be read, think about how many emails your audience are receiving, yours needs to be special to stand out and have something of interest for them to open. Here are a few things your next email campaign should have.

From, Subject and snippet.

Depending on your email delivery system you can change the from so that your audience is confident that it is coming from someone they trust and will open the email. Subject this is like the News headlines of a paper or online article, you need to grab their attention, however, do not lie about what is inside the email. Snippet using the same analogy as before this is the subhead lines and extends from the headlines and further convinces your audience that inside this email is something of benefit to them.

Personalization and Imagery Where possible Marketing emails need to be personalized to the reader and filled with interesting graphics. Who wants to obtain an email that is addressed "Dear Sir/Madam" what message is that sending to your audience. As humans we are extremely visual and busy, nobody wants to read a wall of text, remember a picture speaks a thousand words. If you must use a thousand words, drive them to a blog, use the email to entice and raise their interest. Great visuals always help your recipients quickly understand what you are trying to convey.

Responsive Design If you are using a mass email provider like mailchimp or constant contact, they all have the facility to preview what your email will look like on a mobile devise. Most of your audience will vet your email on their phone, and then either open it via their phone or wait until infront of a PC. On average 67% of your audience will read your email on their phone. Consider this when designing the content of your email and the subsequent length of it on a mobile devise.

An Appropriate Call-to-Action to achieve your objective. You have managed to gain the interest of your audience to open your email. Why did you want them to open it and what do you want them to do now that they have opened it?

It is paramount that you have a meaningful call to action that gives the reader a benefit. What do you want them to do? Read more and send traffic to your website. Feedback on a product? Etc.

In summary combining all the above takes skill, knowledge and understanding of your audience. You may find that you need to segment your audience and send a series of emails during one campaign.

At this point we have not discussed the follow up emails to those that open but don’t click, those that don’t open and those that open and click on certain call to actions. As this is very dependant on each business and difficult to have a general discussion. However, these points should be ready and prepared as part of any email marketing campaign.

If you would like support with your next email marketing campaign please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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