Mentoring Enhances your Business in Challenging Times!

Growing your own business can be tough and stressful at the best of times.

In these uncertain times, when we are all facing an invisible enemy which can impact on our professional, physical and mental well-being.

We may find it difficult to drive the growth of our business forward and know how to support our stakeholders, it can be difficult to identify right or wrong answers. At times of stress relying on our own instincts can be misleading. However, drawing on the right knowledge of the right people around us may hold the solution to your problems.

A business Mentor will provide the answers you are struggling to find to gain success.

Mentoring is an effective way of working towards a solution to problems, working through an issue or helping to build confidence. The benefits are potentially huge and can provide the sustainable business developement defining when you find the right Mentor for you.

The fundamental basics of mentoring are simple, try not to over complicate the process. The mentor and the mentee both benefit from the relationship as it's build on mutual trust and can last for years. An effective Mentor can support you through difficult times as they will have knowledge or experience that you want or need to succeed. The Mentor, through the process of informal chats/meetings transfer that knowledge or experience for the purpose of developing and empowering the mentee in times of change.

  • A good Mentor is someone who can share their knowledge and experiences in a way that allows the mentee to achieve a goal or work towards a solution to a problem. Mentoring involves a relationship build on trust and understanding which allows the mentor to listen and then impart their knowledge to provide the mentee with the confidence to work through an issue.

  • Mentoring can be useful for everyone, regardless of their position within an organisation or the size of their business. As a business owner, being mentored by someone else can help you become a more succesful business owner in your own right, giving you the opportunity to develop your own skills, which you can then use to advise, coach and develop your own staff moving forward.

  • Mentoring gives you the opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and use your expertise in other areas. It also improves your listening skills, as you can use your listening skills to improve your ability to give guidance.

  • A good Mentor doesn't have to work in the same discipline as the Mentee to be helpful. Mentoring is often beneficial to both parties as the relationship is built on trust and sharing experiences regardless of age and profession. Mentoring isn't just about helping other people or about being altruistic. It can make us better business owners, better leaders, better employees and better employers.

Business's today benefit from people within their organisations being Mentors

and Mentee's. Knowing the difference and being able to do each will expand your business effectiveness as you work with people in different ways according to their needs. Mentoring therefore remains important throughout life.

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