The Power of Self Motivation

As you know here at Friendly Organics we are all about empowering people to be more sustainable in life and in business.

To succeed in supporting people to be sustainable we often dig into their intrinsic motivation to really help them. With this in mind we have created this article of self-motivation based on our personal experiences, the latest theories and some research.

What is self-motivation? It can be defined as the ability to do what needs to be done, without influence from other people or situations. People with self-motivation can find a reason and strength to complete a task, even when challenging, without giving up or needing another to encourage them. They can pull on their intrinsic motivation to achieve goals.

Consider some of the goals you are working on right now, be it personal or work goals. Why do you want to achieve these goals? Do you have goals that you have not started? Consider why you have chosen not to begin these goals.

Many claim that external factors push goals or prevent goals from being achieved, such as time, skills, knowledge and money. These factors could indeed play a role in your progress speed but what really prevents goals is the lack of self-motivation. This is the case for many of us, you are not alone. Many of us need some help, support and guidance to unleash the inner motivation as life has a habit of burying it deep.

As many life coaches and success coaches will tell you when you are driven by intrinsic motivation you can accomplish anything.

Self-motivation is unleashed by a reflective process of asking yourself why you really want to achieve a goal. Reminding yourself to continue making progress toward a goal even when it feels challenging.

To quote a famous success guru “It’s turning your shoulds into musts.”

It is looking in on yourself and being honest and asking the Why question until you get the real answer. Many successful individuals say they do things for money and other extrinsic rewards but when really questioned they have an inner self motivational need driving them forward.

Still with me? Let’s look at the psychology of self-motivation.

If it is that simple, why do so many people find themselves lacking motivation? Like many things in life it takes knowledge and skill to realise self-motivation and self-belief. You must clearly know what it is you want, need and why. Why do you want to improve your connection with your partner? Why do you want to have trust and love between you? Why do you want to have a healthy relationship? The answer to these questions determines the self-motivation. Many people have self-motivation but not the self-efficacy to release that motivation.

As with many things in life assessing the emotional meaning to your goals will help realise the inner motivation and help with self-efficacy. When you face a setback, do you tell yourself you’re not good enough to succeed? I seriously hope not. You must remain in a positive state and reflect on the setback and continue moving forward. You need to believe in yourself. Many of the world’s most successful individuals gained support with releasing that self-motivation and belief, so if you feel you need help you are not alone.

How can you release that inner motivation.

Create your own empowering beliefs. The major limiting factor in our lives are ourselves and those factors we choose to adopt from others. It is crucial to develop and record your own empowering beliefs with or without support. The power of being truly reflective will support you in creating your beliefs.

Life is busy, consider improving your time management strategies, many release that inner motivation, then their time management becomes a hurdle to their personal success and it is a great way to remove procrastination.

As part of your time management create action plans, and reflective plans so you don’t repeat the same mistakes and get the same outcomes. Write down your inner goal and create a series of steps to achieving your goal. It is great to revisit this should the journey become challenging. I know from personal experience it has help myself, clients and students.

Learn from others, especially if they have shared their drivers for self-motivation. However be careful who and what you learn, you don’t want to add limiting factors to your goals.

An element that is often overlooked is the power of music. Music can impact on your mood, your work rate, your productivity or give you a break and allow you to return to a task with a fresh outlook.

Obviously, we are going to recommend scheduling outdoor time. However, there is numerous researches to show the huge benefits of connecting with the outdoors and it is an excellent place to reflect. Give your brain and body a boost with time spent outdoors.

Self-motivation is challenging because it comes from you and it is a skill that can be improved, this is why people look for help, especially in the beginning, learning how to self-motivate and stay on track will help you achieve more goals. You must be extremely honest with yourself and identify clearly what you really want and need in life. Utilising the practice of Reflection and the theory of Why will release your inner motivation and improve your self-efficacy.

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