The Power of the Blog to grow your brand

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Discover How Blogging Can Boost Your Business

Did you know that businesses that use audience related blogs generate over 67% more leads than those who ignore the importance of communicating via a blog?

A blog generates so many opportunities for creating quality touch points with your various customer segments. However, it is important to note that blogging needs to be researched and used correctly to have a positive impact on your brand. A blog can achieve many marketing objectives such as: increased brand awareness, improve your creditability, retain customers, pull in customers, improve your websites rankings in the search engines, launch new products, customer research.

Through experimenting and analysing your blog content you will be able to fine tune your blogs to meet your audience and your business needs. Where else can you potentially block out all other marketing noise, whilst your audience engages in a quality touch point with your brand?

Improve your website's SEO

Know your keyword search terms, then without devaluing your blog you can manifest a great blog that also appeases the search engines. Not only will you keep your current audience happy, any potential new audiences might then find you on search engines such as Google, Bing and Safari.

Create credibility with your clients

A fantastic way of improving your creditbility is via a blog, especially if it is written in a way to encourage comments and discussions. You can showcase your niche and why you differ from the others in your industry, without going over the top. Show that you have your finger on the pulse of your industry and write about hot topics, that are relevant to your audience. Showcase how your offerings provide a solution to any potential customers. All of this will improve brand reputation, trust and credibility.

Create great posts for your social media pages

Generating constant interesting content for social media can be a challenge, especially when you want to add value to your audience to encourage engagement, no point just making a noise, there is enough noise already out there. However, as a means to leveraging your time and maximising your voice, maintaining an active presence is essential. If you generate your own blog content for this purpose, dry spells in posting can be eased, alleviating the struggle when searching for content. There is no shame is reusing some of your blog post to gain a new perspective on a topic or to revisit an important issue.

Creating researched, relevant blog posts will also help boost engagement on your social media profiles and website.

Showcase how your product (or service) is useful to clients

You can write your blogs based on ways to use your products and best practices your company takes. While these are often searched topics, they also give you a chance to share information and comment on it.

Show your potential clients that you value being educated in your field. You can think outside the box and use the opportunity to engage with your audience.

Help establish brand voice

This is an area where many small businesses fail, either due to lack of research, funding or knowledge. Whether your business has a fun-filled tone or a conservative one, you can use your blog to express that. It brings life to your company and helps you create a consistent branding that can help draw in more leads from people who respond to your business's style. Use your digital presence to send out a unified brand voice.

Keep Google happy

Google loves a busy website, part of the algorithm measures traffic and bounces to and from your website. The more activity you have on your website, the higher it's likely to rank in searches. If you have a couple of blog entries per month on your page, you'll have enough activity to keep Google's crawlers coming back to your page regularly, ideally helping to increase and maintain your search engine rankings. A point to note, where possible have related links within your blog so visitors explore more than one page of your website.

Give you a chance to write a call to action (CTA)

Throughout the blog pose questions, encourage comments, you want actions other than just reading the blog. You want people to express their thoughts and opinions on the blog topic. At the end of your blog, add a call to action: please comment, get in touch, add your email for more helpful tips, sign up for our latest offers, email us your specific questions.

These are the basic blog rules, as your voice and blogs develop you will be able to tune your content to keep your audiences engaged and looking forward to future blogs. Pull in any potential leads through the quality of your blogs.

What are your thoughts on blogs?

If you need help with your blog marketing or any other aspect of marketing, then please feel free to email us and we can identify how we would be able to support you.

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