Trust for Sustainable Living Conference

I would love to bring to your attention a recent conference that we attended at Government house. The Trust for Sustainable Living Conference brought together over two hundred students ranging from seven to nineteen years and from seven different countries.

Representing their respective schools, the students were there to debate an extensive range of sustainability-based proposals aimed at Saving our Planet. It is so refreshing and reassuring to see the youth of today taking sustainability so seriously.

It was my pleasure to attend this amazing event and to do so as a member of the Government House team.

I was asked to judge one of the debating sessions and my pleasure was further heightened when I was informed that one of my co-judges was Judith Guichon the 29th Lieutenant Governor of BC. I had the pleasure of getting to know Judith during her five year role as Her Honour and during which time I developed the utmost respect for this lovely lady.

Along with three other judges, we had the role of selecting the best individual debater and also the best debaters as a group. As all the debates proved to be of a very high standard indeed we found ourselves facing a difficult challenge to pick the winners; as in our eyes they were ALL winners! However, and following some fairly stressful brainstorming discussions while 'locked away' in the Drawing Room at the 'House, we did eventually come to a collective decision on the best individual and the best group

Witnessing these amazing school students being highly motivated and passionate yet being professional by showing respect to their fellow debaters, while Saving our Planet, was truly a heart warming experience!

Important an upcoming blog I will provide a list of some of the proposals debated by the students.

My personal objective, passion and dedication for a number of years has been to Educate, Encourage and Empower people - predominantly school students! - to grow health-friendly organic food 12 months of the year - every year. Therefore, personally playing a role in just one of the Sustainability based solutions of Saving our Planet'

Dave Friend aka Mr. Organic

A collaboration between Friendly Organics and Friendly Consultancy

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