Why is what you write on your website so important to SEO marketing?

Your onsite SEO marketing is vital to improve your search rankings!

Long ago, you could just stuff your website and blog with keywords, buy links, and land on Google’s first page for a search term.

I can still remember keyword stuffing the bottom of webpages and making the font and the background the same colour so only google would read them, hated doing it, but back then it was what was needed to achieve a high ranking position, thankfully those days are over and website content has moved forward.

If you tried to repeat those tactics today, you would probably get some form of Google slap or even have your website removed from their search results, a disaster for any business.

SEO has evolved and thankfully Google’s algorithm has become better at understanding page content, domain ranking, visitor dwell time and satisfaction. The later of those is now more important than ever, with google measuring in some form or other where visitor go and how long they stay on a website. Basic theory the longer they stay, the more google thinks it gave them the right search results. Adding value for your audience is paramount, the days of click baiting are over.

Some things about SEO have not changed just the way they are implemented has; the majority of SEO begins with On-Page Optimization. To be able to rank high in search engine results, every aspect of your digital marketing from email marketing to social networking to content creation must provide added value for your audience. Indeed, adopting an integrated approach to these will have a tremendous impact on your website rankings.

The algorithms that search engines now employ means that is it very difficult to trick them into ranking you higher. SEO marketing in principle is quite simple, more quality traffic will result in the search engine ranking you higher, add a few other formulas such as domain ranking and page authority and you have the foundations of SEO marketing. In principle is sounds very simple, in reality, it takes planning and consistency, which takes time and knowledge.

It is all about adding value to your audience and a means of encouraging your audience to visit and explore your website. Well thought out content can make or break a website. Consider how many websites you have visited for less than 10-20 seconds?

The quality of your copywriting and how you optimize it determines whether your post ranks first for a search term. Or hundredth. The percentages diminish dramatically from position 1 to position 10, any good marketeer or SEO expert will tell you, if you are not on page one then no point.

Gone are the days of keyword stuffing and buying thousands of irrelevant links, Google has made SEO majorly about quality content and visitor satisfaction. Yes, you may need some additional SEO work to get your content in front of an audience but if it holds no value to them, any other SEO marketing budget would be a waste.

The most important SEO advice I could give provide the best value for your readers, then get it seen.

Here are some top tips to improve your onsite SEO.

Optimize your page title with the right keyword for effective SEO content

Use short sentences and thoughts to optimize content for mobile

Use active voice to write your landing page copy and increase Time on Site

Consider writing more about problems and solutions and less about the features of your business.

Link out to trusted websites to provide a richer user experience

Craft meta descriptions by asking questions that challenge users

Use deep linking to create a flow and aid Google spider in crawling your website

Use the “Inverted Pyramid” to reduce website bounce rate

Create long-form comprehensive content to outrank your competitors

If you are unsure on any of these or the topic of SEO in general, then please get in touch so we can empower you to sustainably grow your business through education.

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