feasibilty studies

We analyse

how successful any potential project might be, considering factors such as economic, technological, legal and scheduling factors along with the influence of key stakeholders. Identifing positive and negative outcomes of a project before any substantial investment in a project.

Consultancy services

We offer 

a range of consultancy services, these include:

Organic consultancy

Business development

Marketing Consultancy

Brand management

project management

We manage

your project, this ensures impartiality and cost effectiveness for your project. We work in collaboration to agree a plan. We then manage the project freeing you up to prgress your business. Regular reports keep you abreast of the progress. 

program development

We develop 

either a new program or existing program. We analyse your enterprises strengths and weaknesses. Adapting any program to maximize your opportunities and minimize the threats to your enterprise. 

A collaboration between Friendly Organics and Friendly Consultancy

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