Empowerment through marketing education

Sustainable Business Growth

Putting you on the

right tracks

There are many marketing consultants and marketing agencies out there that will attempt to confuse you with lingo and make marketing difficult for you to understand.

Indeed, marketing for a small business can be complex due to the many marketing communication channels now available. However, the principles of marketing still apply to 90% of small businesses.

We offer a cost and time effective solution to your marketing needs. We work with you to ensure you understand all that can impact on the business development and growth you want and desire.

We provide you with a transparent professional service.

We will only ever recommend justified solutions such as SEO marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email marketing and traditional marketing if it is beneficial to the growth of your business. This is what  makes Friendly Organics different from other marketing providers. We have your best interests at heart not ours, we will only ever recommend marketing solutions that fit the needs of your business not ours.

Our marketing expertise provides education and encouragement through our marketing consultation services to empower you to sustainable business growth.

Social Media marketing depends very much on knowing and understanding your audience. 

Without this knowledge you will not get the best out of any content marketing or social media advertising. 

Digital Marketing is more than just spending money on Social media and Google adwords.


It is about building a sustainable relationship with your customers, past present and future.


It is about building a tone of voice for your business, creating valuable touch points that people want to share and talk about.



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